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Personalised Champagne really can add a sparkle and special touch to many occasions; consider buying Personalised Champagne bottles for guests to toast and make your event more magical. You could use champagne to toast a wedding, an engagement, or a birthday too.

Not only can you present bottles of champagne with a personalised labelled at a birthday party, wedding, engagement party or congratulations party, but you could also present engraved champagne bottles to, which will add the wow factor of utter luxury.

In addition to this, Personalised Champagne should not just be reserved for the guests at parties. If you would like to give a gift that is sure to impress, rather than taking a bottle of wine, why not give some personalised champagne instead? You can add any message you would like to onto the bottle to say something as Happy Birthday Name, Lots of Love From Your Name. If you are feeling more adventurous or have a special relationship to the intended gift recipient, you could also be a little bit more elaborate with your message and perhaps write a poem instead

Champagne is a French sparkling wine, which comes from the North West Region of Champagne in France. There are hundreds and thousands of champagne houses, each of which has their own label on the front of the bottle, which really is nothing special – these are the types of champagne you can buy from your supermarket, such as House Brut Champagne. If you give personalised champagne the gift recipient would be really happy to read your message over and over again. Whether they choose to keep the bottle of bubbly for a special occasion in the future, or as a memento; even if they drink the contents of the bottle, they can still keep the bottle with the label as a candle holder or as a classy rustic looking vase for example.

Making the Most of Personalised Champagne

If you are giving personalized champagne as a gift, then we recommend not overly shaking the bottle, because when the birthday boy or girl, newly engaged couple or wedding bride and groom try to pop the cork open, they will waste some of the delicious sparkling French wine and it may damage the label too. Check out the resources below to show you how to open champagne with a sword, as well as the best way to open a champagne bottle.

If you don’t want to drink champagne neat, not that we’d understand why! Why not use the personalised champagne to make some glittering champagne cocktails such as a Bellini using peach puree perhaps, or the very traditional Bucks Fizz, which uses orange juice.

As well as giving out personalised champagne for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and weddings it can also be a great congratulations gift, for example on the birth of new baby boy or baby girl, or say well done to someone for passing their driving test or on their graduation.

We think that there’s no occasion to big or small to give a bottle of personalised champagne.

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Date posted: 28/02/2011

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