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Candy Grabber as a Fun Champagne Gift Alternative

At ChristmasGifts2U, we are always working at bringing new and fun gifts to give as Xmas presents to your friends, family and kids. For this reason, we would like to outline two of our brand new fun Christmas gifts: The Candy Grabber and our huge range of Personalised Retro Sweets, which are perfect as fun Christmas gifts that are bound to keep friends and family entertained for hours upon end this festive period.

Have you been to a fairground in the past and heard that flamboyant music playing in the background? It hopefully brings back fun memories of getting bruised on rides where you have to sit next to friends and be swung around and around? Or maybe of you being sick after going on the toughest ride, or even just winning on the hook a duck? If that fairground music brings back some happy thoughts, then consider the even more fun memories you could have with the candy grabber.

What is the Candy Grabber?
The Candy Grabber is a desktop machine, which will provide hours of fun when members of your family and all of your friends fight over who gets to go next to get as many sweets as possible out of the machine using 3 simple controls on the body of the machine to manoeuvre the claw within a one minute time slot.

The game commences as soon as one of the fake silver coins that are provided with the machine are inserted into the machine. The flamboyant music starts up and the player then has one minute in which to grab as many sweets as he or she can before the music stops. If the player gets moody, because they havenít got any sweets then just put another fake silver coin in to re-start the candy grabber.

Watch this video to see how our candy grabber works:

Personalised Retro Sweets

So the candy grabber is a fantastic idea, but unfortunately does not come with sweets. Why not give a personalised retro sweets jar to complete the fun candy grabber maching? This personalised sweets gift is completely unique and with the ability to upload a photo and add some text to this tasty gift you can complete a great Christmas gift set, which is perfect for any gift recipient including your friends, family including kids, parents and grandparents too. The retro sweets box will contain an assortment of retro sweets including Sherbet fountains, double lollies, drumstick lollies, giant strawberries, dip dabs, fruit salads, refreshers, black jack, fizzlers and mini love hearts tubes, as well as many other of your other favourite retro sweets. There will be at least 13 different varieties in your personalised retro sweets jar. Please be aware that throughout the year the selection of sweeties in the jars may vary due to availability. However each jar will be jam packed full of a great selection of sweets and is a fabulous way of completing the candy grabber gift.
More resources for candy grabbers and personalised retro sweets: Fun Christmas Gifts Blog.
Date posted: 12/11/2010

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Candy Grabber as a Fun Champagne Gift Alternative
Candy Grabber Machine and some tasty Personalised Retro Sweets combined are the perfect Champagne Gift alternatives this Christmas.

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